FEGIME Academy


The mission of FEGIME Academy is “to create and promote a continuous high quality training for the next FEGIME generations, for employees and clients, all in close partnership with the European Preferred Suppliers and with the National Organisations, adding value to the relation between FEGIME wholesalers, suppliers and clients".

The FEGIME Academy has 3 target-groups: FEGIME Future, Employees and Clients - with 4 training areas defined: Products and Technologies, Management and Business, Sales and Marketing and Soft Skills, available in our e-Learning platform (www.fegimeacademy.com), were users have access to training courses, webinars, as well as, discussion forums and web conferences.

Another part of FEGIME Academy is the training of the next FEGIME generation: the FEGIME Future, through FAMP (FEGIME Advanced Management Programme). This is a"Mini MBA"type of qualification, structured in annual sessions, with the duration of one week, organized in October in a European Business School.FAMP was specially designed to match FEGIME needs by Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics (CLSBE), which received the first module in October of 2014, and had 28 participants of 9 different nationalities. In 2015, FAMP will happen in SDA Bocconi, in Milan, and in 2016, in Ashridge Business School, in the United Kingdom.

The FEGIME Academy aims to invest in one of the most valuable assets - knowledge - contributing to the sustainability and profitability of the business along the value chain, reinforcing the strategic partnerships and to increase the FEGIME brand awareness.