Comprising national electrical buying groups across Europe, FEGIME is a network of small to medium sized Electrical Wholesaling companies working together to bring value to their clients.

FEGIME Group is currently active in 18 European countries and its membership includes 230 electrical wholesalers and approximately 1150 electrical equipment retail stores. Total member turnover for 2014 reached 4.7 billion euros.

Working towards common goals with shared challenges, FEGIME gives its members the ability to retain core company values whilst purchasing as a conglomerate.

This means that when dealing with a FEGIME wholesaler you will enjoy the personal service and attention that characterises a family owned business whilst benefitting from the professionalism, support and competitive pricing typical of a much larger ‘national’ organisation.

FEGIME Group generates value for all its stakeholders (members, strategic suppliers & clients) along the business cycle through the exchange of knowhow and best practices and by strengthening their relationships with leading European suppliers.

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